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The Best Mascara For Every Price Range

Still having trouble trying to find the best mascara out there?

Truth is, it doesn’t look the same for everyone.

While it’s typically the consensus that everyone wants long and full lashes, what everyone wants to spend on a great product is not the same.

However, just because your budget isn’t luxury doesn’t mean your mascara can’t perform like a luxury brand (or even better).

I have the thinnest lashes ever. I have spent over a decade at this point searching for mascaras that give me everything I want. While I have had plenty of favorites over the years, there are always the few mascaras that I keep coming back to over and over again.

In this post, I have narrowed is down to the best mascara in 3 different price ranges. I have also included a runner up for every category!

There is a mascara here for everyone, and they have all been tested, loved, and approved by me! Check them out!

*This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Best Mascara For Every Price Range

Best Mascara $0 to $10

We are starting off with my absolute favorite drugstore mascara by far!

Essence Lash Princess

Essence Lash Princess is a false lash effect mascara that actually delivers! It builds tons of volume while lengthening and separating lashes. I always keep a tube of this on hand as my go to for a super quick makeup look.

It goes on smooth., stays dark black, and it makes my lashes look great.

The only issues with this mascara are minor in my opinion. First, it will start to flake a little bit after prolonged wear. I’m talking around 8+ hours and really, really tiny flakes. It also (to me) is uncomfortable to wear when it’s really hot and humid outside. It stays on your lashes, but can start to feel a bit tacky.

Even with those minor con’s though, this is still absolutely my number one pick in the under $10 category. And I 100% still keep one in my makeup stash at all times. Perfect for a quick makeup look for the grocery store.

Regular Formula >
Waterproof Formula >

Runner Up: Neutrogena Hydro Boost

This mascara does an amazing job of lengthening your lashes and staying put. I have used this one multiple times in the past. The only reason it doesn’t quite measure up to Lash Princess is because it doesn’t build quite as much volume.

However, if you already have thicker lashes and are just looking to boost length, this is a fantastic product!

Regular Formula $4.99
Waterproof Formula $4.99

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Best Mascara $10 to $20

For my top mid-range pick, I chose one of my favorites since high school.

Lorel Voluminous Million Lashes

I figure, if I have occasionally used it for this long, it must be good! My favorite part of this mascara has always been the brush. Its HUGE and covered in tiny plastic bristles that really get in between lashes to separate so they don’t get clumpy.

I have actually never had my lashes clump with this mascara. It adds tons of volume and tons of length. It’s a completely non-sticky formula that does just what you want it to! It’s only $9.99, but I put it in this category to account for taxes and any shipping fees. I’m trying to 100% stay within brackets here!

Regular Formula $9.99
Waterproof Formula $9.99

Runner Up: Pixi by Petra Large Lash

I really love this mascara too. It’s a great formula and performs just as well as the million lashes, but I had to put it in the runner up category because it only has one water-resistant formula, no true waterproof formula is available. However, if you don’t need water proof, I highly recommend giving it a try!

Regular Formula $16

Best Mascara $20 to $30

While I know there are a ton of name brand mascaras that perform well and are in this price range, I picked my two absolute favorites that I think are actually worth the price being charged!

SeneGence LashSense Volume Intense

My top pick for the best mascara.

This mascara is truly my top pick out of them all. I wear it almost every day now. It builds amazing length and volume every single time. The regular formula is water and smudge resistant, but it also comes in a fully waterproof formula as well.

What really sold me on this one was that it has lash conditioners and growth serums blended right in! So, not only do your lashes look great, but the mascara is actually helping them to grow longer over time too! It also stays on foreverrrrrrrrr! Can’t beat that!

Regular Formula $28
Waterproof Formula $28

Runner Up: Too Faced Better Than Sex

This mascara used to be my top pick until I found the SeneGence one. I wore it almost every single day!

This mascara also build incredible length and volume, but it’s biggest down fall is that it can get a little clumpy. I usually combat this by running a dry eyelash comb through, but it’s an extra step that not every one is willing to do, so just keep that in mind!

Regular Formula $25
Waterproof Formula $25

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Well, there you have it. All of my very best picks for mascara!

Have a mascara you think I should try? Drop a comment and let me know!

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