How to Build Your Beauty Bag

I have TONS of makeup.

And that’s an understatement.

Storing all of it is a whole different topic that I’ll probably cover in a future post. Ha!

I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that most of it doesn’t get used regularly. I mean, how could it? I have like 6 different liquid liner pens right now. That’s almost one for every day of the week!

I actually have a favorite product from each of my “collections”. So, obviously those are the ones I use the most. They’re also that ones that travel with me if I’m going on an extended vacation, or I just take a select few if I’m traveling light.

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I usually keep my daily use products in a grab and go bag that is not so creatively called my “beauty bag”. (Honestly, it’s not usually in my bag, but it’s at least near by so I can stuff it in and go!)

My beauty bag contains my every day basics that I use to look presentable when I’m going to work, or the grocery store, or to run any other errands that don’t require a full face or an extravagant rainbow eye look.

Disclaimer: I do what most consider a “full face” daily, including foundation, brows, and even (*gasp*) contour. So, I’m going to help you set up a beauty bag based on that, but feel free to exclude products that you find too frivolous or time consuming. This is personalized after all.

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First things first, moisturizer. You NEED this. If your skin ever looks rough, or dry, or patchy, or excessively oily, it’s likely because you need to be moisturizing! It also helps to keep your skin properly hydrated through out the day underneath your makeup, and hydrated skin is happy skin!

You need to find a good one that’s formulated exactly for your skin type. If you have dry skin, look for one that’s full of natural oils and botanicals to soothe and hydrate, while if you have oily skin, steer clear of oils and look for a cream based moisturizer that won’t add any extra oils or shininess.I have extremely oily skin and I use this moisturizer from Pixi Beauty. I have actually been using their entire Vitamin C line, and I have seen an amazing improvement in how even my skin tone is!

Next up is a good primer. Primer helps your foundation stick to your skin so it can stay on longer and look better. There are even some thicker primers that also help to fill in any fine lines or large pores. If cycled through tons of primers at this point, trying to find my personal holy grail. I don’t think I have quite found it yet, but this NYX Shine Killer primer has helped to control my oiliness through out the day and is definitely my favorite so far!

NYX Shine Killer primer for oily skin

Plus, it’s about 14 dollars, so it’s super easy on the wallet. I highly recommend this one for all of my oily-skinned lovelys out there! I also really like Smashbox primers, if you’re looking for something more high end. Smashbox makes tons of different primers to help with a variety of issues and skin types. Check out the Try It box here, and you can get a variety to see which one is your favorite!

After primer comes foundation. I religiously use this NYX foundation for a TON of reasons. The first being that it actually last forevvverrr! Trust me. I have oily skin. I live in a HIGHLY humid area. And it lasts all day.

Second, they also have 45 shades! And yes, they actually cover all of the shade ranges! So chances are extremely high that you will find your perfect match! Find your perfect match right here.

Concealer to cover up dark circles and blemishes is a MUST for me. I have searched high and low for a concealer that stays on all day, doesn’t crease at all, and is actually pigmented enough to cover what I want it to. After a loooooooong search I have finally found my holy grail concealer! It does everything I need it to and more. The only down side is that it sometimes stays on even longer than my foundation! Not a huge issue, but sometimes my foundation wears off and everywhere I had the concealer is noticeably lighter and brighter. But, I mean, it’s definitely got some saying power!

I have been using it religiously for over a year now and I am still just as amazed by it as I was on day one! Also, 24 shades here, so you’ve got options! Check out the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer here! I promise you will not be disappointed!

This is where my daily contouring comes in! All liquid makeup needs to be set with a powder. Some prefer to contour with liquids and then set them with a coordinating powder, but I prefer using a single color foundation and contouring with powder only. To me, I think that powder only method looks more natural, especially if you make sure it’s blended out properly. I don’t have time to blend creams or liquids on a daily basis. So, just keep in mind that whether you go with cream or powder, or no contour at all, is totally up to you! I stock my beauty bag with this amazing contour palette I randomly came across while clothes shopping.

Profusion Cosmetics Highlight and Contour Palette

It has a yellow based shade that is perfect for setting highlighted areas and under eyes. A peachy neutral that I honestly don’t use often on my skin tone, bronzer to add some color to the high points of your face for that sun kissed glow, and a perfectly coordinated contour shade to deepen and define your features. What really drew me to this palette though was that it also includes an amazing shimmery highlighter! It’s not blinding, but it does give you an amazing glow without being too harsh, I love it for daily use! Grab yours here for under $10.

On to brows. I use a duo brow powder only. I personally prefer the natural look of powders over pomades, but pick whichever brow product is your go to. There’s pencils, tattoo pens, pomades, and powders. Grab which ever one you are the most comfortable using because that’s what is ultimately going to look the best on you. A perfectly applied pencil is going to look better than a shakily applied pomade, and vice versa. I prefer the powder duo shades to add another aspect to my natural brow.

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For my eyes, I generally like to use a neutral palette for my day to day makeup. But, I don’t really like my makeup to look the same everyday, I really enjoy getting creative with it. I have quite a few eye palettes in my collection, and I have rotated between a few for my daily eye looks because they all have something special to offer. There are tons of palettes you can choose from, from eye palette specifically curated for your eye color, to huge palettes that have tons of colors for you to play with. The one I use the most frequently is this one in the Natural Beauty shade from Pixi Beauty.

Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Palette

I love that there are a ton of matte neutrals and a perfectly balanced amount of deep smokey shades and shimmery highlight shades. I honestly use this palette more than any other palette I have in my collection, just because it so versatile with every day looks. If you’re really only looking to have one palette in your collection, this is it. There are even enough shades in here for a deep smokey evening look. The only thing it is lacking would be bright and colorful shades, but if you don’t need them, grab this neutral palette here on the cheap!

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Last, but definitely not least, the finishing touches. I am a firm believer in liquid eye liner and the most volume boosting mascara I can find. When in doubt I like to wing it out. And lets just say I’m in doubt a lot. 😂

I go through liners and mascaras like no tomorrow, and I’m always trying something new, But, I currently have (and LOVE) NYX Cosmetics liquid liner and essence Lash Princess hanging out in my beauty bag. They are my top go-to products of all time! You can grab a liner here and a mascara here!

So there you have, how I put together my 9 piece beauty bag for all of my daily makeup needs! I highly recommend every product I have listed here, I do personally use them daily and I swear by each and every one!

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