Get The Most Out of Your Face Mask

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Face Mask

There are a ton of different types of face masks and they all have their own benefits. But, have you ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of your masking session?

Here are 5 tips you can easily use to help make sure your are soaking up all of the benefits!

But before we get to that, let’s go over a few different types of face masks and how they can help you.

Learn 5 tips to get the most benefits out of your face mask.

Which type of mask should I use?

That really depends on you! If you want the convenience of a sheet mask, find one of those. Do you want a spa like experience with a clay mask? There’s tons to choose from!

The biggest thing to take into account is how much time you have for your masking session. The time frame a face mask should be worn will be on your packaging, but also include the time it will take to prep your skin and the time it will take to clean up.

People with very dry skin will likely benefit more from a hydrating cream mask, where a person with acne prone, oily skin will benefit from a mattifying charcoal sheet mask. Most mask packaging will let you know what skin types it will work best for. Make sure you’re taking the manufacturers advice!

#1 Make sure your are prepping your skin properly.

Your face gets covered in bacteria, oils, and other micro-particles during the day and even at night.

You definitely don’t want to apply a mask over that or seal any of those nasties in. That is asking for trouble!

Instead, before you apply your mask, make sure your are thoroughly but gently cleansing your skin. I gentle face wash should work. I like to use Garnier Micellar Water and sot cloth to make sure my face is free of any contaminants.

Having clean skin is going to make sure all of the face mask goodness is doing it’s job with no interference.

#2 Make sure your hands are clean!

Just like your face, your hands also get covered in dirt, debris, and oils.

To make sure you aren’t transferring any of that to your face, give your hands a good wash before you begin. I like to wash my hands before I even begin cleansing my face. That way I know for sure that nothing is getting on my skin that I don’t want there.

You should also make sure that all of the towels you are using are clean too! The one you dry your face with after washing, the one you dry your hands with, and the one you cleanse your face with. I use two separate towels to make sure I stay clean.

One to dry my hands after washing, and then I use that same one to pat my face dry. Then a second super soft cloth to wipe my face with micellar water. Keeping everything clean is key to maximum benefits!

#3 Apply the right amount of product.

If you’re using a sheet mask, this is easy. Just pop it on and you’re ready to go!

But, if your using a clay or cream mask, you should pay attention to how much you’re using. Most packages will give you an idea of how much to use, but in general, a single thin layer is more than enough!

You don’t want to cake on clay or cream masks. For one, the extra product doesn’t help and you are just wasting the extra. Second, it can be really hard to remove if there is too much. So keep it thin and keep it even!

For peel off masks though you might want to go a little thicker on the layers.

It’s not going to give you any more skin benefits to use more, but it will make it easier to peel off! We’re not talking about pasting a THICK layer all over your face, but you shouldn’t be able to see your skin through the layer. Still keep to one single layer and make sure it’s completely dry, and you shouldn’t have any issues peeling it off and revealing your radiant skin!

#4 Leave the face mask on for the right amount of time.

Extra time doesn’t mean extra benefits. Especially if you’re prone to breakouts!

In general it won’t do any harm, but it’s not helping you either. Keep your mask on according to package directions. They usually give a time frame (like 15-20 minutes) and I like to shoot for the higher end of the range, but the low end is great too! Just make sure you aren’t adding a ton of time on!

I know it’s easy to get lost in the relaxing nature of masking, so if you think you’re going to lose track of time, it’s best to set a timer!

#5 Find the right face mask for your skin type.

All skin is not created equal! Just because a mask got raving reviews from a friend or your favorite influencer doesn’t mean it’s going to perform as well for you.

Identify your skin problems (oily, dry, dull, acne prone) and grab a mask that counter-acts your issues!

I have oily skin that is prone to clogged pores, so I like to go for a charcoal peel-off mask that will help dry my skin up a bit and help clear out my pores. But if you have dry skin, an ultra hydrating cream mask will probably work better for you.

Don’t forget to follow up your mask the right way!

Don’t just clean off your mask and think your done there! We’re looking for maximum benefits here!

Remove your mask according to directions. Peel it of, wipe it off, wash it off, pat in extra serum, etc.


Follow it up with your favorite light weight moisturizer! We want to make sure all of those amazing skin care ingredients are getting properly sealed in, or if you used a charcoal mask like me, we want to make sure your skin isn’t drying out.

Try all these tips the next time you mask and see what a difference it can make!

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