Colorful Jeans for Spring

Happy #WardrobeWednesday everyone! Today I am bringing you one of my absolute favorite trends, colorful jeans!

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I was a huge fan of colorful jeans in high school (when they definitely were not in style 😂) but I just like to think that I was 15 years ahead of my time. Ha!

I’ve still worn colored jeans since then because they’re my favorite, and I just honestly don’t care that no one else thought they were cool. I think they’re perfect to pair with a basic tee, or even coordinating with your favorite patterned top!

Light colors, dark colors, it’s whatever you are comfortable with! And while I honestly really miss my hot pink jeans from 2005, these days I tend to stick with darker colors like these maroon ones. Although, I am looking to expand my colored jeans collection soon!

colorful jeans perfect for spring

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Where can I buy colorful jeans?

Likely anywhere you shop for clothes! Target and Nordstrom seem to have the best selection, but I’m sure there are tons of other places.

What colors can I find?

They come in nearly every color of the rainbow. Seriously. If you can imagine it they probably exist.

And while I wouldn’t wear EVERY color, I would wear most of them styled properly.

Here are my top picks (and my personal shopping list) for colored jeans this Spring! I’m hoping to grab at least a few different colors to add to my lone pair of maroon jeans for the upcoming season.

Are you a fan of colored jeans? I hope you found a pair you fell in love with.

Come back next week for a full workup on how to style your brand new colorful jeans! Basic tees, printed tops, shoes, and accessories. You won’t want to miss it! Subscribe below to get notifed!

Drop a comment and let me know what your favorite color of jean is and how you like to style them. See you soon!

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