Affordable Boho Chic Festival Outfits

Festival season is upon us!

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Hot. Loud. Long. Sunny.

Dressing cute but comfy is an absolute must!

There are only like a billion style options to choose from when your getting your festival outfit together. I am super partial to all things boho chic.

Dresses, skirts, tops with shorts. Like all of it.

I’m going to drop all of my faves down below by category so it’s easier to see!

These are all of my top favorites that I could find for the lowest price! I love getting more for less and this is THE place to shop for that!

Crop tops are my favorite for festival wear. Cool and comfortable, plus super cute.

  • Retail Price:$7.95
  • Retail Price:$6.95
  • Retail Price:$4.95

I definitely prefer to wear shorts out to events like this. I personally like the casual vibes, and compared to skirts shorts are just easier to wear IMO.

  • Retail Price:$12.95
  • Retail Price:$9.95
  • Retail Price:$13.95

Buuuuuttt I can't help but fall in love with a good fringe skirt. I mean, just look at them! #allthehearteyes

  • Retail Price:$12.95
  • Retail Price:$11.95
  • Retail Price:$10.95

Of course, if your going for maximum comfort, a soft boho chic dress may be just what you need!

  • Retail Price:$10.95
  • Retail Price:$11.95
  • Retail Price:$11.95

Once you've got your whole outfit together all you have left is some shoes and accessories!

I am all about comfort when it comes to my shoes. Especially when I'll be on my feet all day.

I also really like them to be light and airy for the summer months. If you're going to a festival, chances are that it's HOT! Gotta keep your feet cool and comfortable, but definitely not lacking in style!

Check out all of these cuties! The strappier the sandals, the more I'm in love!


  • Retail Price:$22.95
  • Retail Price:$14.95
  • Retail Price:$23.95

Of course you have to finish off your look with a cute straw hat! If you don't, is it really even boho? I think not! These straw hats are some of my faves! Ultra cute and super affordable!

  • Retail Price:$8.95
  • Retail Price:$7.95
  • Retail Price:$8.95

Where do you shop for your favorite festival styles? I would love to know!


affordable boho chic festival styles

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