5 beauty items in my travel bag
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5 Must-Have Beauty Products While Traveling Light

When me and the husband travel we pack LIGHT.

Neither one of us get a ton of vacation time at work, but rather than staying at home, we like to pack a ton of fun into short weekend trips and that sometimes involves flying to another state!

I also have a (probably not) irrational fear of the airlines losing my luggage, so we typically only pack in our carry-ons for our short trips. This usually consists of a backpack each and my purse.

With that, there are size restrictions on backpacks and personal items. Packing super light is necessary!

I’m going to run through the beauty products that I make sure I have with me EVERY TIME and why.

5 beauty products that are always in my travel bag

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Face Cleanser

I have horrible skin and I have to keep up with my skincare routine or it starts acting up.

I have found one cleanser from Pixi Beauty that works super well for me and it travels with me everywhere, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. It comes in a tiny tin that is perfect for your carry-on bag. Plus, it’s so easy to use in a hotel!

And since it’s so small, it barely take up any space! But it is powerful stuff and you only need the tiniest amount, so it will still last you forever!

Grab yourself one here!

Dry Shampoo

We like to take super early flights, because they’re cheaper and usually less crowded. But, that means we’re usually going from about 4am until we decide to sleep on our mini vacay (which is usually like 2am the next day).
My hair gets oily quickly, so it’s much easier for me just to tote around a little dry shampoo to give it a little touch up mid-day.

Keep in mind, TSA doesn’t allow aerosols in carry-ons, so a powdered dry shampoo is a must.

drop dead gorgeous dry shampoo - travel size

I like to use talc-free baby powder in a pinch, especially because you can grab the small travel size at Target, but an actual dry shampoo like this one is best!  

Try natural (and vegan!) powdered dry shampoo here!

Tinted Moisturizer

I usually don’t have any time for a full face when we’re packing as many activities we can in less than 48 hours. I also don’t like going totally makeup free. I love using this BB Cream from NYX on my vacations for many reasons.

NYX cosmetics BB cream

​​It’s makeup and moisturizer in one, so I only need one bottle, which cuts down on space. It’s an oil free, ultra hydrating cream that also offers a little bit of coverage. It perfect for grab and go!
Get yours here!


Because who wants naked lashes?!

Definitely not me, especially since mine are so light and thin. You literally cannot see them if I’m not wearing anything. I usually go for something waterproof and long wear, since I’ll be running around most of the weekend.

Some of my favorites are:
Neutrogena Hydro Boost
L’Oreal Voluminous Original

Brow Powder

For the same reason I bring mascara.

My brows are super thin and light. I feel soo naked when I don’t have them done, so this is a must. I use the duo shade brow powder from NYX Cosmetics.

Another bonus to this is that it can double as eye shadow for a very neutral look! I just use the lighter color all over my lids and use the darker color in my crease to create dimension. Works perfectly every time!
I love the Brow Powder Duo from Sigma. Get yours here!

Do you go on short get-away’s? How do you pack?

Drop a comment and let me know what your essentials are!

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