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5 Get a Better Nights Sleep with Better Bed Sheets

I am so excited to have partnered with Linenly to share these amazing Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets with all of you! All thoughts and opinions are completely my own and 100% honest!

I’ve had these sheets on my bed for a week now, and lemme tell you:

I am NOT going back to my old sheets ever again!

Luxe Bamboo Bed Sheets

Regular Sheets Have Issues

Previously, we had gone through so many sheet sets. Typically we’d get them with a bed-in-a-bag set, or just grab some at a home good store while we were there. But we always had so many issues with them.

First of all, they were rarely that soft. Almost every single set, as soon as they went through the first wash, it was never the same. Plus, over time we had major issues with the sheets pilling. It didn’t matter what brand we used either, it happened with all of them!

The worst part though is that they never seemed to fit our mattress. We definitely don’t have a crazy one either. It’s, what I would consider, a regular queen sized pillow top. Probably average height, nothing crazy. But NONE of our fitted sheets ever stayed on the bed!

I toss and turn a lot at night, which I’m sure had a lot to do with it, but more likely, it was the fact that the sheets were sewn in a way that they didn’t really fit properly.

Lastly, I hated how thin they all were. I am the type of person that prefers a super cold room and a big fluffy blanket. My husband also keeps our ceiling fan on plus an additional box fan. Bottom line: it’s windy in there!

We do live in south Texas though, and our summers can be brutal. And since I’m not trying to pay a billion dollars on our electric bill to run the air conditioning, we usually try and sleep with only sheets on super hot nights.

My issue is that I would have such a hard time sleeping because it was too hot for a comforter, but the cold fan air blew right through our sheets. Uncomfortable to say the least.

But finally…I was given a solution!

Even the pets love bamboo sheets!

Why Bamboo Bed Sheets Are Better

I really can’t say enough great things about them!

These bamboo sheets feel so soft and welcoming. They’re soft in more of a silky smooth way, rather than plush, but I love it. I don’t like silk itself, but these sheets are the perfect amount of smooth and soft to the touch.

Of course, the first thing I did was throw them in the washing machine and I am beyond impressed with not only how quickly they washed, but mostly how quickly they dried! They we’re only on a medium tumble dry for about 15 or 20 minutes before they were ready to go! That’s such a huge plus when you already barely have time for laundry in the first place.

After they were fresh, clean, and ultra warm and soft, I could NOT wait to get them on our bed. This is where we have previously had issue with other sheets either not being wide enough, or not being stitched deep enough to completely fit over our mattress. The bamboo sheets though….

The fitted sheet slid on so easily and actually fit all the way around the mattress! There was even more wiggle room for a taller mattress!

and you wouldn’t believe it, but they stayed on all night too! Even through my incessant tossing and turning. They’ve stayed put every night since then too.

Even with all of those amazing benefits, my favorite is how cool they are without being thin. There is such a good weight to these sheets but without being heavy or over bearing. It definitely keeps you cool if need be, but it does block the movement of the air from the fan.

luxe bamboo bed sheets

You Should Totally Grab A Set

I swear I’m not ever going back to regular sheets again. These are made of luxurious feeling sustainable materials. So comfortable and also better for the environment. I got a set in Taupe, but they have so many colors to match any decor.

You absolutely will not be disappointed! I know I’m not.

Head on over to pick your dream sheets! You can find them over at https://www.linenly.com.au/collections/bamboo-sheet-sets

Let me know what color you pick! Happy sleeping!


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