3 Vape Pens That Will Actually Improve Your Life

I was gifted two vape pens from in exchange for my honest review. I was able to try both the Boost and Soothe pens. Overall, I loved both of them and will be ordering again! Keep reading to find out all of the amazing details and decide if you’d love to try the vape pen yourself. Plus, if you use the link and promo code at the end of my post you can save 30%!

We all know what vape pens are by now, they’re a massive trend sweeping the nation. But have you ever heard of a vape pen that’s actually GOOD for you? There are 3 vape pens available through HealthVape and they all have some pretty amazing benefits. They aren’t like your traditional vape pen though. For starters, they don’t contain any of the bad stuff like nicotine or artificial flavors. What they DO contain is a blend of beneficial vitamins and essential oils to help you in various aspects of your life.

You may be wondering how in the world you can breathe in vitamins and actually reap the benefits. Well, the vape pen element comes set to an ideal temperature that helps your body readily absorb the vitamins and oils when you inhale. All you have to do is breathe in and you can reap all of the benefits with no effort on your part.

So now I will break down the two vape pens I tried and how each of them worked for me.

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Boost Vape Pen

What is it?

The boost pen is formulated to give you a little extra energy boost. This formula is made with a blend of vitamins that absorb into your bloodstream extremely quickly through the vapor.

It includes:

– Vitamin B12 Vitamin
– B6
– L-Theanine
– Taurine

My opinion of the boost vape pen:

To start, I love the flavor of the boost vape pen. Although, I wouldn’t really call it a flavor as much as I would call it an aftertaste. While inhaling it has virtually no taste, but when you exhale, you can feel a minty cool sensation all through your chest and mouth.

As far as actually boosting my energy, it had a very different effect than I thought it would. It definitely isn’t a rush like you would get from caffeine. Instead, it is more of a feeling of mental clarity and easy to stay awake. I like that it gives me the feeling of having energy without getting jittery or having a crash later.

I’m the type of person that does not thrive well in the winter months simply because as soon as it’s dark outside, I’m tired. I have been using my Boost pen religiously because of that. It helps me stay awake and get things accomplished instead of falling asleep at 6pm. I used to rely on coffee, which sometimes kept me up at night if I drank it too late, but this pen has been that perfect solution to refresh me for a few hours without impacting my sleep at all.

Soothe Vape Pen

What is it?

The soothe pen was created to help users rest and relax. It’s a blend of natural ingredients that promote relaxation and some beneficial essential oils.

It includes:

Natural ingredients to aid relaxation:
– Melatonin
– Valerian root extract
– L-Theanine
Beneficial essential oils:
– Peppermint essential oil
– Orange and lemon essential oil
– Chamomile essential oil

My opinion of the soothe vape pen:

I am a relatively high anxiety person and sometimes I have trouble sleeping because of it. I primarily used the pen at night to help myself fall asleep easier and stay asleep. On the nights that I did take a puff or two before sleeping, I was able to fall asleep easily, and  without the help of browsing on Instagram or playing a mindless games to keep me distracted enough to fall asleep.

I also didn’t wake up multiple times throughout the night, which is a major problem for me.

It also has a very calming and smooth flavor, minty but with tea like notes. Overall I enjoyed the taste and absolutely felt like it benefited my sleeping a lot.


I absolutely love these vape pens and will definitely be purchasing more, and of course trying out the other options! 

To try them for yourself AND get 30% off of your entire order just click this link and use promo code LLBYJ

I hope you love them as much as I do!


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