3 Easy Ways to Find Your Undertones

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all ready to have a great week! We’re on our third week of #MakeupMonday this week and we’re talking undertones! I figured I’d go back and start with the basics.

I’m starting my morning and week off right with my favorite green juice! I’m all about trying to get my energy back after eating like ūüí© since we moved. This week is all about getting back on track using my usual methods for increasing energy.

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What is my undertone?

What are undertones?

I’m sure you have seen undertones referenced before when talking about makeup, specifically foundation. But, what does it mean?

Undertones are the colors that come through your skin that affect it’s overall hue. There are 3 general undertones and those are Warm, Cool, and Neutral.

On most foundation shades they will typically have a W, C, or N either next to the shade name or worked into the shade code somehow and that’s what indicates the undertone of the foundation.

If you’re a person who has had issues finding a foundation shade that works for you, or you never seem to pick the right color, this could be your main issue! If your foundation looks yellow or orange against your skin, you probably are wearing a warm or neutral shade when you should be wearing a cool shade, but we will get more into that later.

Check out these common mistakes most people make when shopping for foundation!

Aside from foundation though, undertones play a role in all makeup colors. They matter for your brow filler, trying to nail the perfect neutral eye look, all the way down to why certain shades of red lipstick look good on you and others don’t.

arm against wall to find undertones
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How do I know what my under tones are?

Determining your undertones is actually pretty easy when you know what you’re looking for!

One common misconception is that skin tone has anything to do with the color of your skin and that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are variations in skin undertones across all colors and shades!

There are a few methods for figuring out your undertone. So if one doesn’t make sense to you, or you need more clarification, you can choose a different method, or try them all and make sure the results are consistent.

The simplest, but not exactly easiest, is to just take a look at your skin.

Warm skin tones will have more of a yellowish or orange colored hue to it.
Cool skin tones will have a pinkish or purple hue.
Neutral skin tones will have more of a brown or beige hue.

The easiest method is to take a peek at the veins on the inside of your wrist.

Warm tones will have a yellowish or greenish color to the veins.
Cool tones will have purple or blue colors.
Neutral tones will have either both, or it will be hard to differentiate the colors.

Another way is to compare your skin to a plain background and see how it coordinates.

Hold your hand or arm against a black or white background. If your skin seems to be complemented by the black or white, it’s likely that you have cool undertones.

Next, place the same hand or arm against a brown or beige background. Does it seem like this background complements it more? If your skin tone is more complimented by the brown tones, you like have warm undertones.

What if they both look equally complementary? Well, then you my friend likely have neutral undertones!

powder foundations
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Now that I know my undertones, what can I do with that info?

Oh so much!


The most important thing you will want to do is find a foundation shade that’s going to work for you! I highly recommend going to a store like ULTA or Sephora where you can use a tester on your skin to compare.

Since you know what undertone you are now, choose your brand and navigate to the shade range you need and then take a look at the shade names or numbers and look for one that is labeled according to your tone.

You may have to check through a couple of brand to find a perfect match, but always always make sure it’s your undertone and you should be well on your way!

If you need more help on that, check out my post on the most common mistakes people make when choosing a foundation shade and my tips on how you can make sure you’re finding the best one for you!

Brow Makeup

Don’t neglect your brown shade either!

Cool shades on warm undertones can look green, while warm shades on cool tones can come across as reddish or orange.

While you should definitely consider the color of your hair too, remember that brow makeup is going directly on your skin, so you need to consider that as well.

Most brow shades aren’t labeled with their tones, but now that you know how to determine your skins undertones, you can use the same principles at the makeup store to determine the undertones of makeup products.

So, same as with the foundation, check out the section with your correct shade range, and then test out the colors to see which undertone works best for you.

Again, I would recommend heading to a makeup store that has testers so you can compare the actual product against your skin rather than just in the package.


Say what?!

Yep, in can come in handy for your wardrobe too! Remember that third test we did up there comparing your hand to a solid color background?

That is how your skin is going to look against your clothes!

While this definitely shouldn’t limit your wardrobe at all (wear what you want girl!) it could help you pick out some super flattering outfits!

Cool tones look amazing in cool colors like black, white, hot pink, and blue!

Warm tones tend to look amazing in brown, red, beige, and green!

Are you a neutral tone? Lucky you!

Neutral skin tones typically look amazing in any color! Since your neutral, nothing is really going to clash, and that’s an awesome benefit!


Lipstick is another one of those things that isn’t typically labeled whether it has warm or cool undertones, but some companies are getting better about it!

To find a lipstick that’s going to look great on you, you’re going to need to look at the undertones of the lipstick color itself.

Cool undertones look best in lip colors with blue or purple hues.
Usually berry shades, pinks, maroons, and deep reds.

Warm undertones look best in lip colors with red or orange hues.
Usually coral shades, reds, nudes, and browns.

Neutral undertones are lucky here too. Since colors don’t typically clash with your skin tone, you can wear a wide range of colors in any shade.

Do you have any shopping recommendations?

Of course I do! Aside from blogging, online window shopping is a hobby of mine.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, I have lists here. I have one specifically for cool tones and one for warm tones, if you are neutral you can shop from both! Just head on over to my Amazon page!

Or if you like other retailers you can browse through these scroll boxes!

Cool Tones

Warm Tones

I hope this helped you figure out your undertones and that you found some great new products to try!

If you have any questions at all please drop a comment below or shoot me an email and I would be happy to help you!

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