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    Awesome Breweries to Visit in Austin, TX

    This past weekend we went on a mini vacation to Austin, TX with the specific goal of trying as many new beers as we could! We go on trips to Austin relatively frequently, but we never end up making it out to any breweries. For this particular trip, we only had one specific brewery in mind that we knew we HAD to try and decided to choose the rest when we got there. This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure in our Privacy Policy. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel off of 5th street downtown and there was plenty of activities within walking distance which was great!…

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    The Vacuum Every Pet Parent Should Own

    Keeping the house free of pet hair is a problem that most pet owners face. Whether you have a lot of pets, or just ones with a ton of hair, it always manages to build up so heavily you can’t even breathe without inhaling a piece! Finding a vacuum that can handle all of that is a whole separate issue. *This post contains affiliate links. Read our Privacy Policy for more information! We have 5 indoor animals, one of them has very long hair, and all five shed heavily between seasons! I have tried so many methods to reduce the amount of pet hair in our house on a daily…